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The Project

This new project puts the experiences of young people at the centre of the research design, demonstrating a new way of conducting research.

Information for Participants

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Young People

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Parents & Teachers

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What impact will it have?

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The Framework will be a publicly available tool with guidelines on how to conduct better, more inclusive and representative research to understand how the biology of the mind, the brain and the body interacts with the environment to influence mental health during adolescence.

By adopting the Framework, researchers will be able to use the knowledge and experience of young people when planning studies, so that they can benefit both participants and their schools. 

Such improved research will create new ways of supporting young people's mental health, as every person has different needs.

We will also continue improving the Framework based on the feedback from the researchers and the young people that use it. 

Step 1:

Scoping Review
Understanding what we already know

We will identify enablers and barriers to the collection of biological data in young people. This will be done by collecting and assessing what we know from other studies that have attempted to measure biological factors in mental health research. The team will look at reasons why young participants may have left the study early, and any other barriers that may have hindered the research. 

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