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Information for Academics

Introduction to The Project

Existing adolescent cohorts are well-characterised in terms of psychosocial measures and mental health data, but lack an equivalent richness of biological measures, especially from ethnically and socio-economically diverse groups. In this two year project, we will use a participatory approach with young people (11 to 18 years), teachers, parents, community health practitioners, key community advocates, UK funding bodies and academics involved in conducting biological research in adolescents. We will co-produce a Framework of Guiding Principles as a tool that operationalises young people's and stakeholders' preferred approach for successfully engaging in biological research in mental health.


Framework of Guiding Principles

We will address three main aims that will be delivered across five interlinked work-packages:

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Conduct a scoping review: exploring collection of biological data.


Evaluate and finalise the framework through a Delphi consensus process.


Organise focus groups with young people, parents & teachers.


Disseminate the resulting framework to researchers and other users for implementation.


Produce a draft framework, in iterative workshops, with young people.

The Framework will be prepared for immediate adoption by the Born in Bradford study, in their next wave of biological data collection in 2024.

Our Specific Objectives

Our specific objectives, across the five work-packages are:

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We will conduct a scoping review of needs, barriers and facilitators to the collection of biological data in mental health studies in young people.


Studies will be included if they focus on young people aged from 11 to 18 years, and keywords will be relative to biological measures relevant to mental health and community or school-based quantitative and/or qualitative studies.


The review will produce a report and 1-2 open access publications.

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