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Information for Young People

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What will you do?

Together with researchers and young people from London, Birmingham and Bradford, we will develop a tool called "Framework of Guiding Principles" for studying mental health in young people. We want to understand how you prefer to be approached about research and what would make you interested in staying involved.

What is the framework?

Framework of Guiding Principles

During your adolescence or teenage years, you start to develop your own identity. We want to know more about how your experiences can affect your mind, brain, and body.


 We want to put young people like you, from all backgrounds and ways of life, at the centre of research, and listen to the issues that you think are important!


This way, our research can improve our knowledge about the biology of adolescent mental health.

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How will young people be involved?

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Representatives, co-leaders, researchers and participants

During every stage of the project, young people like you will be co-leaders, researchers, and active participants.


Representatives from the expert young people groups will co-manage the project by forming a Youth Expert Working Group (YEWG).


In addition, young people like you can volunteer to participate in the project by giving us your opinions and comments through face-to-face or online meetings and email correspondence, so that together we will improve the framework.


As a young people participant, you will be paid for their contributions, and you may have the opportunity to be involved in work-placements with the researchers, including in public engagement activities.


Your parents and teachers will also be involved. 

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