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Information for Parents & Teachers

Introduction to The Project

During adolescence or teenage years, young people start to develop their own identity. This is a very important step on their journey of becoming adults. It is a time when the brain is developing and the body is changing, and this process is not yet fully understood. 


We already know a lot about how the environment can affect their mental health, but we need to find out more about how their experiences can make physical changes to the biology of their mind, brain and body.


Unfortunately, there are many issues that have impacted progress in biological research in young people, such as the lack of young people’s involvement in the research process itself. Moreover,  parents and teachers may make assumptions about young people being not interested in, or being afraid of, biological research.


Framework of Guiding Principles

This project is co-led by researchers and young people together, from three different UK locations: London, Birmingham and Bradford. We want to develop a set of guiding principles for researchers to follow on how best to study biology in mental health research in young people.


We want to include your perspectives, as parents and teachers, so that you can help us change misconceptions of how young people feel about participating in biological research.

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How will you be involved?

Project Management Group

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Parents and teachers will be part of the Project Management Group, which will make key decisions about the projects. Young people will also be co-leaders, researchers, and active participants in the study, and members of the Project Management Group.


In addition, parents and teachers will be involved at every stage of the projects, through focus groups, online meetings and surveys, commenting on the draft Framework at the various stages of its development.

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