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Co-producing a framework of guiding principles for engaging representative and diverse cohorts of young people in biological research in mental health

Involving Young People in Mental Health Research to Study Adolescent Mental Wellbeing
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Behind the Study

Adolescence is a crucial time for development of the body and the brain. It is also when mental health problems, like anxiety and depression, can start. We need to find out more about how the things adolescents experience in the world can make physical changes to the biology of their mind, brain and body. 


Many young people, however, do not participate or drop out of such studies, especially young people from disadvantaged or minority groups, which means that results do not represent all the young people in the UK. 


Aim of the study

Involving Young People in Research

We will develop a tool, called a "Framework of Guiding Principles", that tells researchers how to study biology and mental health in young people. For example,  how young people prefer to be approached about research, what would make them interested to stay involved, what roles they would like to play in the research team, and what benefits they would like to see from taking part. 


We will also ask parents and teachers for their perspectives, as they often make decisions for young people under 18 years.


This new project puts young people at the centre of the research design, demonstrating a new way of conducting research.

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